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About Word Counter

Whatever you do, you have to keep its record. You have to be conscious of both quantity and quality. If you are a content writer or a blogger you need a reliable and satisfactory amount of your content which is easy to read. Your content should be attractive to the reader. Here is a question that how to count words in an essay or in countless content? So we are suggesting you best word counter tool for this purpose “Word counter”. Word counter will fulfill your basic requirement related to content writing. It is said to be one of the best word calculators. It will make your writing skills much better by suggesting to you about little but important things.

In online fields word counting really matters. For Example on different social media sites we can post the specific amount of content i.e. Twitter allows to post 280 characters, Facebook allows 63,206 characters, on the blog your first page should be consists of up to 1800 words (Expert's Suggestion). In simple words, we can say that at every platform there are some recommendations respectively.

What is Word Counter?

 Word counter is a word count tool, which provides different useful facilities to the user related to content writing. This tool not only provides the facility of character count and letter count. Besides this, it helps us to improve our word choice which really has a positive effect on our writing style. Simply we can say that Word counter improves our writing style and make our content attractive. Moreover, it also detects grammar mistakes from our content. Basically, it is a word frequency counter which provides the facility of character count online for free. As this is used to online word count or as a website word counter that’s why it is known as an online counter.

How does the Word Counter work?

As you start typing in this tool Word counter start its work. You will see the number of words and Characters increasing or decreasing as you type. It keeps you up-to-date with your words, characters and also detect wrong words in a sentence. Word counter also tells you that, how many time you had used the same word. It also makes sure that its words have reached to a specific requirement. Word counter shows the percentage of the top 10 words which you have used most in content. This can prevent you from overusing the same word. Use of a word, again and again, makes the content less attractive. In this way, it helps to check the contribution of keywords in content.

How to use Word counter By Seo Tool Serp?

Word counter is very easy to use. You don’t need any special skill to use is. There is no such rocket science in it which make it difficult. As they are providing their facility of online use. So you have to simple visit on their official website and Start typing your content. As you start typing its backend system starts working and starts showing its result step by step. There is also another special feature of Copy Paste. As you paste your content it shows its result in no time. It shows different characteristics in order, for your posted content.

Who can use Word counter?

Word counter online is useful for every person who is anyhow related to content writing. Everyone can get benefit from it. If you are a student and writing essay or theses this tool is really beneficent for you. It not only counts your words or characters also detects your error. Which makes your content perfect and attractive. If you are a professional content writer this is the best thing for you. You can get perfection in your articles through this. As it allows to know the use of percentage of a specific word. This feature is really a plus point in keyword ranking. It is also helpful in office use. If you have a large number of content and have to search a specific topic or record this tool make this work easy.


As we discussed up there about some of its plus points. Now you have an idea that how it really works and how we can get benefit through it. Some of its features are mention below.

Auto-Save: One of its fine features is autosave. In this, it has a record of data that we wrote last time. If accidentally we removed some data we can recover from Autosave. Even you can recover your data after closing site once. Make sure you won’t lose your data.

Words & Characters: As this the main purpose of this tool to tell you about exact numbers of words and characters in your content. So in this option, it simply shows the number of words and characters in your content.

Sentences & Paragraph: In this option, it tells that, how many sentences have you written in your content. We can also find how many sentences are there in a specific paragraph. Similarly, in its paragraph Column, it shows you how many paragraphs are there in your content.

Reading Level: In this option, it tells you that of which standard your content is. Which indicates difficulty level of your writing skills i.e. 9-10 Standard, College standard etc.

Reading Time and Speaking Time: This is another special tool in it. Which tell you how long it will take in reading and speaking.

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