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Hay welcome to SeoToolSerp Page speed Checker is currently one amongst the foremost vital Google's ranking factors. each website owner should listen to their site's speed as a result of today sites that load extraordinarily quick area unit creating to the highest positions in search engines. per some surveys conducted within the past, it absolutely was found that forty seventh of individuals expect an internet page to load in but 2-3 seconds, and four-hundredth of individuals leave an internet page if it takes over 3 seconds to load. thus, page speed is crucial to each website's survival within the on-line market. we have a tendency to all understand that folks have little or no patience once browsing on totally different sites, they need to induce all the data they have in an exceedingly snap. this can be the rationale why we've developed this free internet speed check tool.

But however are you able to check whether or not your page masses in less time or if it takes over average loading time? The skilled workers at SeoToolSerp has created this free page speed checker tool that provides a whole A-Z report of the site's loading speed and conjointly notifies that page or graphic takes what proportion time to load. simply enter the whole computer address of your website within the box and our tool can quickly crawl your whole internet and tell you the general page loading time and conjointly a chart providing what number seconds a specific page or image took to load fully. There are not any special skills needed to use this website speed check tool as a result of it's terribly easy. you'll solely got to enter the computer address that you simply need to run page speed check, click on the “Check” button, and you'll get the results directly.

Page Speed Checker Tool by SeoToolSerp
There are a unit many edges of this tool to website homeowners. With the assistance of this tool, you'll be able to quickly see what is the page loading time of your website, and you'll be able to compare it with the page speeds of alternative prime sites within the trade. With the assistance of the data provided by this tool, you'll be able to quickly determine that page or graphic of your website is taking an excessive amount of time to load. Our team of developers created this page speed check tool to assist all web site homeowners in ensuring that their web site guests can have a much better expertise once browsing their web content. web site Load time is extremely crucial as a result of the majority have intolerance for a slow loading page or web site.

The distinctive options of our Page Speed Checker Tool area unit that it's quick, free, accurate, and provides the precise loading time taken by the online page. you'll be able to check the page loading speed of as several sites as you wish with no any restrictions! There are a unit several web site homeowners United Nations agency have already knowledgeable about that they're losing heaps of cash as a result of their potential purchasers don't seem to be staying on the location thanks to poor performance and slow web site load time. the plain reason is that they ne'er gone for page speed check and ne'er paid any attention this web site loading delay.If your website masses extraordinarily quick, then it'll not solely improve the user expertise or lower the bounce rate of your website, however it'll conjointly unbelievably improve your search positions. This web site page speed check tool is that the solely tool you would like to examine whether or not your web content area unit loading quick or not. It will offer you with all the data you would like that's associated with web site load time. This web site load check tool checks everything from totally different pictures to files.

How To Improve Page Speed?
• Use a minifier tool for hypertext mark-up language, CSS, and JavaScript
• Reduce Sever latent period
• Minimize communications protocol Requests
• Use a Leverage Browser Caching Browser
• Compress your pictures through on-line compression tools
• Enable Browser Caching
• Use applicable image size
• Reduce the No.of Plugins that you simply use on your website
• Optimize CSS Delivery