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Keyword density checker online tool helps you for measuring the percentage of the number or of the times a keyword or phrase appears with the comparison to the total number of words on a web page. This keyword density checker Google is used in search engine optimization process to check or take the idea of the relevancy of a web page and key phrase. Online keyword density checker is important in the terms of the position of the website in search results.

The optimal value of keyword density must be in between 1% to 3%. It is more good and better if the URL, title, meta description and the HTML head tags that contain target keyword. For effective and better ranking in Google search engine, we recommend you to use a keyword density checker tool that fulfills your need for discovering the optimal value of your keyword density in SEO.

What is keyword density checker tool and why to use it?

Although Keyword stuffing has now become a malpractice. It does not mean that you should avoid repeating certain phrases. The search engine of Google makes a connection in keyword repetition and how much important a particular phrase is for your general content. Like, suppose, if a word repeats many times in an article than it means that it is a sign that the post revolving around this particular niche or topic. Keywords repetitions can have both positive and negative factors. That’s why density was invented. Keyword density shows the percentage of that keyword which appears on a page to the total number of words that contain on that page. For instance, if phrase “mobile phones” appears 15 times in a 150 words text than its mean that the density of this keyword in 10%.

Some search engine optimization experts do not count this density metrics as an important factor. Some of search engine optimization experts recommend you to have naturally written content on your optimal density and domain that will come as a result. So, there is a good reason you have to check the density once you have done writing piece by the help of online keyword density tool. This is the main reason of developing keyword density checker by SEO tool SERP.

How keyword density checker helps you in your website?

Now day’s people do not stuff the content as they use to. In this way, there is a very little bit chance that you will get penalized due to this type of reason. But in actual, there is still a valid reason that why you should not analyze your content.

Sometimes authors tend to neglect their main keyword after the first paragraphs. This is especially common when you write long articles and you are jumping from one subject to another subject. So, this is the main reason to use keyword density checker for the article to check density and to make sure that your relevancy is enough for a query.

With some online keyword density checker tool the analysis is good!

The usage of these keyword density checker formula is very easy. You only have to enter the URL of your website and click on the analysis button of that tool. After that keyword analysis tool will provide you a list with these following results:

  • Density- it shows all the phrases that you use within a text and also shows that how many times you have used them.
  • Words weight- this will tell you how well your website’s page is optimized for various queries.
  • Words on- this option shows that where you can find the phrases on a page.
  • Links
  • Meta tags
  • Meta description (some tools show and some may not show your meta description)

On the top of all that, tools will also give you an option to set many types of advanced parameters that will be considered during analysis.

Keyword density checker moz is one of the best services that providing you both the density of keyword and impact of phrases on various queries.

Should I really use keywords density checker tools?

These types of keywords density checker tools are still very valuable if you use it in the right strategies. The additional point is that trying to fix old issues from outdates tips and was really just mentioning how to optimize arbitrary exact density often misses the mark.
Using Search engine optimization tools like keywords density checker, keyword position checker and keyword ranking tool are still very helpful in ranking factors and also offering you many opportunities.

Those are as follows:

It helps you to see the page way out of synch with or on top ranking pages.

Tools also help you to look at the competitor’s website and also discover some good phrases that you can use in your own content. It will help you in ranking.

Keyword density checker also allows you to determine that is your writer is really writing in a natural way? Or just using excessive repetition.

The keywords density checker tool also helps you to compare page one by one.

Some keyword density checker free tools are not giving you accurate information these tools are just time pass and the owner of these type of keyword density checker tools are just want to earn from ads. Those types of tools are only like stupidity. They show you the wrong arbitrary exact percentage and all other information that they promise to provide are wrong. So, first research for that keyword density checker which provide you exact and accurate information and also to discuss with some search engine optimization experts that are from a very long time in this field.

Keyword density checker tool details By

Basically, a keyword is a combination of phrases and words. The percentage of a keyword or phrase used on a content or article as you said to the total some number of words on that web page is called keyword density. Keyword density is most popular in use to term that this topic in a hot around the Search engine optimization community. So, it gives an idea to Google search engine or any other search engines like Ask, Bing, and, Yandex etc that on which topic your web page is.

We recommend you to use 1% to 2.5% because the Google search engine does not like it if you use the main keyword or phrase of content more than 2.5%. it may be triggered as keyword stuffing in the eye of search engines. So, we recommend you to do not use over than 2.5%. And give some value to those people who are reading your content.

Keyword density checker will analyze your webpage and all the results of keywords. It is like how many times a keyword use in the content and also shows you density in percentage.

The keyword density checker tool also shows you the meta information, total number of images, page title, total links (both internal and external), No-follow links, Do-follow links, images alt tag count, links with ‘img’ tag and anchor, links with textual / contextual, anchors, and total words. You also will be able to export all the data summary and internal / external links to a CSV file that keyword density checker copy paste provides.

Keyword density checker using instructions

The keyword density checker tool is very easy in use. All keyword density checker tools are similar way of use. So, you do not need to worry or think that how much difficult will be to use keyword density checker tool. The using method of keyword density checker is as follows:

  • If you want to check the density of your website’s URL then chose the URL radio button and enters the URL of your website. if you want to check the content then click on text button and paste your content into the text area.
  • Now select the number of words that you want to check the density of those keywords which are given in the text.
  • After that click on submit button.
  • Now click on export to download it will save all your results on your system or device.

Integrate LSI keywords

Now, there is an efficient way to for better optimization of your content around a keyword without any kind of keyword stuffing by using a strategy called LSI keywords. LSI keywords are like synonyms of your standard or main keyword that you chose. Using of LSI keywords helps you to select variety of keywords that is working for your advantage without keyword stuffing.

Suppose your website is on all languages novels than you should use the keywords, English novels, Spanish novels, German novels etc within your content to make yourself prevent from keyword stuffing of the word novels again and again. In this way Google search engine understands that how users search and also can determine the differences in synonyms that may use by them. Use keyword explorer tool or keyword analyzer which gives you good volume LSI keywords. With the help of LSI keywords, you will be able to make your content more informative and easily readable without keyword stuffing.