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Domain into IP

When we register a domain there is a unique identity on its backend in numeric form that dotted and that numeric form knows an IP address. Basically, Name servers are introduced to manage the hostname to IP address and to make its identity separate from others. Before conversion of Domain into IP, you should know what is Domain and IP

What is Domain?

Basically, domain is the identity of a website. It refers to its user, workstations, devices, printers, computer or database which shares a different type of data through network resources. Actually, the domain has a domain controller which manage and control all basic data and security. Whereas domain also used to manage all user functions in which Username, the password is also included. However, the domain is used to provide a specific and unique identity source to the user. There are a countless domain on the networking server and each domain provide a user-specific and unique identity.

Simply, Domain is your websites name. It is like an online address where users can access your website. Basically, it is used to find a specific computer on the network through its unique name.

What Is IP?

IP stands for “Internet Protocol”. Before Domain names, IP addresses were introduced. As these addresses are in dotted and numerical form, which are different from each other. Due to their differentiation and in the numerical form they were difficult to remember. Basically, IP addresses are the unique number which provides your site a unique identity. However, there is an IP address is working on the domain’s backend.

Domain Name into IP address

DNS Lookup: The process of finding the IP address is achieved by searching the Domain name server until a matching domain found. This process of searching in known as DNS lookup. To find the hostname from the IP address, the IP address sends a message of requesting to a computer to return its name. Normally, this will be the same hostname. By the way, many systems host more than one domain at the same.

There are some IP addresses which remains always the same no matter on which computer they are running. This normally known as Localhost. As we mention before that computer can have more than one IP address.

Domain to IP Converter

If you want to convert the domain name into IP, there are many converter tools in the market which translates domain names into IP addresses. You may use them online, you just have to copy URL and enter that’s it. These tools not only converts the domain name but also provides complete information about that. This converter will simply change the domain name into IP address. As we know our domain name is the unique identity of our site. And these converter provides you information about the IP address. Complete info about the country or region in which server is located and its exact ISP details. There is no rocket science in using or operating it. These tools make much easy the process of getting information about any domain name, just on one click, you can go depth of address.

Before the process of finding such information was a bit difficult or complicated. No doubt, there was a great need and demand in the market to solve this issue. These converters have made is an essential need to easy. Now webmaster does not have to pass through difficult processes. On entering the domain name it’ll provide whole information in no time. The information will be in table form in which each data is described separately.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System, this like phonebook on the internet. All of us search any website through the domain names like,, etc. And Browsers search these address from this phonebook and put in front of you. As we mentioned up there that each device connected to the internet via a unique IP address, which is used by everyone to search this particular site. Normally too much numeric data is difficult to remember that’s why domain name introduced. We will mention here the example of a normal mobile phonebook. As this is difficult to remember phone numbers of all person but we can remember name easily.

How to convert DNS to IP?

In the process of DNS address, resolution conversion of the domain name is included. Such as into 192.189.10.l. basically, an IP address is the only its identity, which never can be another computer’s identity. This is like the address of your home which is particular and unique. When a User has to open any website he has to enter that specific domain name to access in that. If you want to learn more about DNS, you have to see the different hardware components that how they are working on the backend. That how this passes from different procedure.

DNS Server

This simple about authoritative DNS server that actually holds and responsible the record of DNS resource. This server lookup and manage the all data which is running in its backend. Ultimately, it allows the right address to reach to that specific computer for which the user is searching.

DNS resolver

Basically, DNS resolver is the first step in the DNS record lookup and it manages all the client request and deals with them respectively. However, DNS resolver not deals with the requests in sequence instead solve that first which is necessary. By the way, DNS lookup involves in both DNS query and DNS recursive. You should know the difference between recursive and query DNS. Basically, query refers the request to the resolver and that DNS resolver solve that request which is recommended by the DNS query.


How to convert a Domain name into an IP Address

We can convert domain into IP address manually but it is a little bit difficult to convert. As this day online Domain converter has been introduced which can resolve Domain into IP address quite easily. Here is no strong reason why we are telling you this method as there are many easy methods to do the same work. But here we are providing you the detailed information about conversion that is why we are telling you this. Here we will show you how to find information of domain name by using the command prompt, yes without any tool.

You just have to open command prompt and type “CMD” in RUN. Now type NSLOOKUP and your domain name in brackets and let it go with the entering button. And there will you see Domain information in form of IP address. Then it checks the IP address, is it fine or not. Now your domain name is converted into IP address.

Hostname and domain name

There is little confusion between the domain name and hostname. Basically, a domain name is that specific name which you bought from the registrar. It will proper like etc. But remember that there is www before both Host and translate Domain into ip name. Once to buy the domain name you can also divide that into further Sun-domain names and you can locate that for a specific system for example Computer. By the way, Subdomain is hosted to a PC to locate host pc and it creates a record in Domain name server.

In the early age of internet, every subdomain has a specific IP address so it was easy to host a machine on the subdomain. Now we have to host only on the domain.

A hostname is a specific name of the system. There is just this difference that hostname has a reference to another machine. And this domain reflects the image of the original domain. You can also check domain age of your website with domain age checker tool and Suspicious domain checker