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About Domain Age Checker

What is Domain Age

In simple words, domain age is an amount of time during which a domain name has existed. It matters how old a domain name is. Such as, if a domain name is a register in 2009 the age of domain in 2019 will be 10 years. What is a domain name? The domain is a URL of a website like This is an address by which users or visitors of the internet can access to your website.

How to check domain age?

There are hundreds of bulk domain age checker tool available free on the internet. Everyone can use that domain age tool checker. The majority of domain age checker is available free and anyone can use them. Domain age checker tool is extremely useable for many reasons. All the search engines use them, business websites use them, and every ordinary person you owned a website can also use domain age checker.

Most of the people still do not still know about domain age checker. They even do not know how to use domain age checker tools. These domain age checker tools are very simple where you can check your domain age. For simply doing go to the search engine of your choice like Google, Bing, and ask. After that, type domain age checker whois on that search engine. The search engine will show you a list of sites where you can check your domain age or domain authority too.

There are some reasons by which you may choose to do a domain age check and these all are different depending on who is doing the check. Those people who are finding some sort of services on the internet such as ad page rank and indexed pages may choose domain age checker tool because every domain age checker tool have different options to check.

About domain age checker

Domain age checker is a tool that is developed for the purpose of checking the age of any domain name on the search engine or internet. We recommend you Ahrefs for checking the age of the domain. This domain age checker tool is a powerful domain age-checking tool because it is load with vital domain name checking functions. Other free domain age checker just showing you the age of domain mostly in years. But paid Domain age and expiry checker have a lot of more sophisticated. Some domain age checker not only shows you only the domain name but also the exact time, month, day, and year in which the domain name created.

But it is not finished on it:
Domain age checker also showing you more details about your domain name which is including:

  • The date of the domain that was last updated.
  • IP address. Actually, the IP address will tell you who is currently hosting the website or domain and the type of IP address it contains).
  • The domain expiration date.
  • Those name servers that are attached to the domain name.
  • The registrar of the domain name.
  • Also, the way backlink for checking the history of the domain name in, including past designs, contents, layouts, and many more, etc.


This means that the tool not only show domain age but also:

  • Domain name server checker.
  • Web host checker.
  • The domain registrar checker.
  • Domain IP address checker.
  • The expiry date of domain age.

With all those features you can only agree that it is not your only average domain age checker tool. It also has very sophisticated features for analyzing your domain. One thing we do not still mention is that you may get the domain age checker tool with those features for 0$. Some domain age checker tools have no fee, no monthly charges and even you can use it without any prior registration.

How to use domain age checker

Domain age checker is very easy to use. You will think it is difficult to use but it is very easy in using just you have to follow these simple steps.

These simple steps are as follows:

  • For using any domain age checker tool first open a page on the internet like
  • After that, there is a text box provided on that domain age checker
  • Enter the domain name of your website.
  • When you entered your domain name. Click on the check domain age button to process the next step.

Domain age checker tool will take a few seconds and then it will show you all the results which may look like this: You can click on “more info” for more details or overview as this: like if you click on the history of domain the domain agent admin will show you the history of the domain. If the domain was registered 10 years ago and used only for five years and discarded and again it is not registered for two years and then again registered 3 years ago, this history of the domain will show you all of that. Now it will give you an awesome idea regarding your domain like how old it is, how many pages authority or domain authority still it consist etc.

Why check the age of domain?

There are many reasons due to which you want to check the age of domain names which all are described below:

  • The actual age of an already existing domain name that you want to buy.
  • Age of your competitor’s domain name.
  • The age of your own domain name.

Obviously, those primary reasons are for checking the age of the domain. Like when the domain was registered and how old it is now.

Now the chances are this you already know when you register your own operating domain name. So if you want to check up that is not a good way to spend your much time and would not you much good except when you have forgotten when you register your domain name.

These conditions leave us with two options. These are as follows:

  • Checking the age of competing domains.
  • By checking the age of a name that you want to buy.

When you check the age of your competitor’s domain name it does not just about only one thing for you. You also know that from how long time their domain exist that will give you an idea of what you are competing with.

On the other side you should check the age of a domain name that you are looking for buyers that gives you an idea of what you are borrowing is it reasonable for you or not, will it give you benefits in future or not. For these types of reasons here are the reasons why knowing domain age matters:

Take an idea of the size of the backlink profile of the domain name

There is a great higher chance that an old age domain name will have big backlink profile. Because it contains for a long while you may be accumulated some other links over time. The main owner of the website may do some more efforts to build the quality of backlink and search engine consider the quality and quantity of backlinks in ranking websites. The search engine optimization work in the past time by the previous owner to create a good link profile that can be big for the future owner.

Take an idea of how well your domain performs in search engine’s ranking

As we said in above one, chances are that which are long existing domain name with good quality and quantity of backlink profile will do kind of well in search. Moreover, most search engine optimization believes that the age of domain is one of a good ranking factor in the search engine. If a domain has a good ranking in the search engine, it will save you a lot of time money and effort in search engine optimization. And, also checking the age of domain gives you an idea that how fairly the name will be doing in search.

Getting an idea of how much traffic you can expect

An old or long existing and well-established domain will get a good amount of traffic. Although there are many other factors too, to determine the actual amount of traffic that a website gets like publish content regularly, and the creation of quality backlink on a daily basis, etc.

Take an idea about the domain name’s reputation

When you are going to buy a brand new domain it means that you are starting from scratch to build a good reputation. But usage of old expiry domain name sometime already established with a positive reputation within their market segment. It's mean this; the user has already created a trust for the name because it has been there and they know it already.

Take an idea of how bad your domain name may be

With the above four things, you can start thinking that all long existing domain names are heavenly and clean. Do not get twist they all are not perfect. After checking the age of domain, you can then make efforts to find out if that domain has some negativity attached and for how long. For instance, the previous owner of that domain or website consisting of that domain name may have been applying black hat search engine optimization techniques to gain some search engine advantages.

Other problems consist of that domain like having a bad reputation among users and visitors. Some of the users may block the website or tag it as malware or spam. If these types of flaws are not removed then the future of the domain will be in danger for the second website. So, Use domain checker or also use domain authority checker for complete analyzing of that domain that you want to use in the future.