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Everyone wants to rank his website on the first page of the search engine. And you know search engine optimization is only a single way to achieve your aim. Search engine optimization is of two type one is on the page and second is off the page of the website. On-page search engine optimization (SEO) is based on content writing image settings and then their optimization butt off the page is known as a backbone of your website in the off page we have to do social signals and backlink maker. Here our main topic is on backlinks maker and SEO tools. Backlink maker tools are made for those sites websites which are new. It is difficult for a search engine to index new websites. So for fulfilling this need, we have to make backlinks at different platforms. So it attracts search engine bots at different web pages.

Importance of Backlinks

A page that contains more backlinks tends to earn a good position in (SERPs). Many websites are linking and after that, the importance of this page is increased day by day and it will rank high in search engine. And after getting high rank your website starts getting organic traffic from search engine’s result pages. So making backlinks is an important part of (SEO) to make it visible on the top page of the search engine. And one more thing we are going to tell you that Google gives more importance and credit to natural, relevant and high authority backlinks.

How to generate quality backlink in a few seconds?

In actual search engine drive traffic to your website. It gives 300% more traffic from social and also does better than referral and direct traffic.  The main secret for getting huge traffic is to sit atop search engine results pages (SERPs). You can do it with the help of backlinks. In short, if you want to drive traffic to your website you need search and you can get it with the help of backlink maker with keywords. Creating quality backlinks to your website is not always the easiest way for good rank on Google and other search engines like Bing and many more. But in fact, it is an exacting task requires focus expertise to accomplish. There are millions of websites on Google and more are creating on a daily basis.

 Your main aim is to rank your website on the first page of search engine and after achieving you have to do continuously fight to get stable on the first page or position. So you have to do every possible tactic that is available to you like content setting, backlink making etc to get on the top of search engine.

We know the importance of backlinks and we also mention that backlinks are like the backbone of your website. We also know it is a difficult task to create many backlinks. So we introduce you to a quality backlink maker SEO tools. So, you can now make quality backlinks in less time by this backlink maker.

How to use this backlink creator?

It is easy and simple you use this backlink maker tools. Just you have to do copy your website URL and paste it in the input box of this tool and then click on the submit button. Our system automatically starts giving you both Do-follow and No-follow backlinks. And when you want to do index these backlinks you can also use our ping website tool.

Special information about this free backlink generator

You just have to type your website URL on this tool and then our tool will start generating high-quality backlinks on your website. And these backlinks are of high quality.

Here are some features of this backlink maker tool, these are as follows:


All backlinks which are created by our backlink maker will be in a natural way. Artificial intelligence makes this backlink maker work in a more accurate way so it works totally in a natural way.


It is very important and relevant backlinks make a good impression in search of Google. So the great news is that our tool has the ability to give a relevant backlink from those sites which are relevant to your site and make them in a few seconds.

High Authority

Our backlink maker website creates only high authority of backlinks which help you to increase your website ranking. Low quality and spam backlinks are just a headache and nothing. So we just provide a high quality of backlinks to our customers from high authority websites.

Safety of time

As you know time is money. This tool is just made to save time. You create a lot of quality backlinks in less time by just entering your domain on this online free backlink maker.

Trust Worthy   

Trustworthy plat very important role in backlinks. This backlink maker tool first filters quality and trustworthy sites and give backlinks on your site only from well-qualified websites.

Do I need to submit every page of my website?

No, you do not need to submit every webpage of your site. Our free backlink generator first fetches the domain from any URL you enter and then submit that address to create backlinks. Creating backlink is only the way to get a high rank in Google. A manual backlink creation takes a lot of time this tool is just made to save your efforts and time.

Is it harmful to your site?

No, because our tool provides you a mixture of NO-Follow and Do-Follow links. More are No-Follow backlinks and this will never harm your site. Only spammy and irrelevant backlinks can harm your site. These links never give you help to rank good position in search engine. And there is also a risk to you to get your site in a penalty of google.

The time when quality does not matter

Once a time when Search engine optimization (SEO) does not have any concern with relevancy and quality of links points to their web pages. On that time there was only a game of big quality. At that time quality was not matter. At that time only you have to create as many links as you can. In 2012 Google create penguin update and after that many rules of SEO was changed. This penguin update takes down many websites who have low quality, spammy or irrelevant backlinks. Now Google gives only authority to those websites who have relevant, high authority and good quality backlinks. It is the main reason for developing this backlink maker with the keyword.

Why Backlinks Matters?

Backlinks are a type of hyperlinks that connect your websites or blogs from other domains. It is also called inbound links, inlinks, and incoming links. Backlinks are one of the important factors for good ranking. The more quality backlinks you create better your site will perform in SERPs. So in this way, the search engine treats backlinks as a kind of recommendation. So if you gain links from a quality and authority site. The search engine will make your site more popular and valuable. So it raises your ranking.

Learn more about this free backlink checker

Here are some features by which you can do an analysis of your website completely.

Backlink Anchor Text    

A thing you should keep in your mind when you analyze anchor text. You can tell based upon links by which keywords are optimized. Do a quick search in Google based upon the link anchor text. This will tell you how your site is performing and also tell you some potential insights. Or if you find any suspicious activity like spammy and low-quality backlinks from a competitor. You can add those spammy links to Google disavow directly from Google backlink checker. It will remove those backlinks from your site in a few seconds. Anchor text analysis also detects negative attacks on your website. Anchor text also able you to see how your competitor optimizes his backlinks.

Follow or NO-follow links

Follow backlinks give a good impression to Google. If your website has more follow backlinks then it will make your site more trustworthy in the eye of Google. So you should keep eye on Follow or No-follow backlink by the help of different tools.

Link Quality

Once a time when we spend a lot of time for our website analysis Like exploring links, clicking around and simply check everything. And now it is just a game of thirty minutes when you do it with the help of tools. However, it is good to have many tools by which you can understand your website portfolio in less time. But you should also do some examine yourself manually. Because sometimes you may miss some points with those SEO tools. As you spend much time on link building and in analyzing backlinks. You will find a natural instinct when the links are good and when the links are bad. Because spam yourself is easily identifiable. A sense will develop beyond that and help you to find spammy and suspicious links can be done by fool tools.


Recap By Seo Tool Serp

Backlink analyzing is one of the more important and also a first skill. You should learn it as an SEO practitioner and link builder. Linking field of SEO will help you a lot about you gain much experience of this SEO Industry as you needed.