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About Backlink Checker

Backlinks with content are the most important factors that tell you and influence how well your website’s pages perform in search engine’s result pages (SERPs). Backlinks are the most important if that tells you anything. Backlinks are very valuable for search engine optimization. Backlinks are also called inbound links and incomings links. That means link one website to another website. The link that you’re to an external website is known as backlinks. Backlinks to your websites mean it is signal from your website to search engine. If many websites are to a single page of your website, search engine infers that this content is worthy and Google will automatically give authority to your webpage. So backlink finder creates very positive effects of your website in the eye of Google. So it helps you a lot to check backlinks of the website and also for better ranking.

About Backlink checker

There are many free Backlink checker online tools available online. These are for carrying for analyzing your website. Although, this Backlink checker online free are developed from many Search engine optimization tool stations. These Backlink checker SEO tool SERP are fully integrated with the Ahref’s engine for pulling a detailed display of backlinks for any kind of web pages and websites. With the help of these tools, you will be able to track that from where your backlinks are coming, you can also check your best performing backlink analysis and do an audit for any website. These Backlink checker free tools are also helpful for researching good performing contents. By best backlink checker you can also check page backlinks and keywords that are bringing most.

It also offers you to finding to competitor’s valuable and high authority backlinks and also examines their profile of backlinks. Due to this, you can easily follow their patterns and link building opportunities.

Specific metrics that you can do by using Backlink checker Seo tool SERP

As we said, some of the SEO backlink checker tools are integrated with Ahrefs so these are providing the best analysis of your websites. Backlink checker tool not only just showing you the list of backlinks to your website.

  • This backlink checker tool also provides you the URL of that particular website which is linking back to your website.
  • The backlink checker tool also shows you the accurate anchor text that is used in the backlink.
  • Free backlink tool also shows you the link type. Such as is it Do-follow or No-follow.
  • Backlink checker shows you Ahrefs domain rating of domain backlinking to your website or web page too.

It’s not all. To help you more backlink checker Google also provides you more metrics. These are includes:

  • Some backlink checker SEO tool also shows Ahrefs rank of your website.
  • Backlink checker also shows a total number of backlinks to your websites.
  • Shows Ahrefs DR score of your website. (DR is a domain rating of your website).
  • Backlink checker tool also shows you the total number of referring domains to your website or domain backlinks.
  • Also shows Organic keywords.
  • And also shows organic traffic.
  • Backlink checker tool also shows the number of Do-follow and No-follow links that are created on your website.
  • Website SEO checker also shows a total number of referring IP’s on your website.

How to use free backlink checker tool

Using backlink checker tool is not difficult to use. You do not need to be a great Search engine optimizer to use this backlink checker tools. In fact, backlink checker provides you complete analysis just after applying three simple steps. These simple steps are as follows:

  • Get on that page of backlink checker tool.
  • Now in the box of that backlink checker, enter your URL. This should be the main domain of your website that is pointing to the homepage or should be the URL of the particular product page and blog spot URL. First chose whether backlink checker show external links pointing to all pages on that domain you provided on the box or you want to check single page that owns by the URL you entered.
  • Now click on the check backlink or related button after entering your domain. Some backlink checker tools may require completing a CAPTCHA. If so, then go ahead with that. When you complete these three steps then the tool will show you results immediately. Or you also download the reports of your website.

Most of free backlink checker tools only show you a few results like 10 per page. Try to research that backlink checker which shows you top 100 backlinks for a single URL. And you also have the option to show more. Some tools not only show you the report of backlinks. It also displays other metrics of your website.

Why Backlinks are important of Search Engine Optimization?

Backlinks actually are the links on other websites that point your website. It is also known as an incoming or inbound link. If your website contains more backlinks than your website will perform better on search engine result pages. Also, if the qualities of your backlinks are higher than the chance of ranking will be more. Google and other search engines perceive every backlink as a recommendation. So, a high number of backlinks and their higher quality will be pointing to your website. And it will better your ranking ultimately.

So when you are going for creating backlinks of your website, do not only go for high-quality backlinks too much. Also, target those websites whose domain authority and page authority are equal or somehow higher than your website. You can also use free domain authority checker tools online.

If your site contains lots of backlinks and spammy links it will do a harmful effect on the ranking of your website. 10 high-quality natural backlinks are much better and 100 low quality and spammy backlinks.
So, it is the main reason for you to need a backlink analysis tool for monitoring your website backlinks and to check is it valuable or not by the help of SEO checker.

What should you do with the help of this information?

After getting all the details of your website’s backlinks, you should have to do:
Search Engine Optimization

With the help of backlinks, your search engine optimization for your website will be more profitable. Backlink checker tool helps you to improve your backlink profile for increasing ranking and organic traffic too.

Lost Link Recovery

By the help of backlink checker tool, you can take and find back lost links. Many times you see 404 pages error that also contains incoming links. 301 redirect will help you to make sure about your site visitors and search engine spiders are directed to the right page or not.

Competitor Backlink Audit

Analyzing the backlink profile of your competitor and take ideas from them can also help you to improve your link building strategy and search engine performance. When you check competitor’s backlink, you must also check the inbound/incoming links that are the reasons of top ranking pages. So, do not miss these important links opportunities.

Building Relationships

Follow those people who are linking to your website to build more beneficial relationships for your website. You can also use backlink checker or other search engine optimization tool for finding trustworthy influences which are related to your business. These can help you a lot for reaching your target audience. Use tools to check who is linking to or who is linking to them.

Building your backlink profile

Backlink checker helps you to check the quality of other websites that providing inbound links to your website. So, you can decide to cut out low-quality sites and do concentration on the valuable ones.

Build quality backlink profile

It is the same as the above paragraph. It means that the quality of backlink checker helps you to see the quality of backlinks to your websites. So you can cut out that low quality or spammy backlinks which are harmful to your ranking and by this you can do more concentration on the credible ones.

You will also be able to identify which type link building areas such as blog comments, social bookmarking, guest posts etc. So, by all of this, it will help you to build high-quality backlink profile.

Why Backlinks Matters?

A backlink is actually a type of hyperlink that connects your site to different domains. It is also known by the name inbounding link or incoming link. Backlink plays a very important role in the ranking of your website. If you build high quality of backlinks then your site will perform better in SERPs. So, it means that Google or any other search engines treat backlinks as a recommendation for better ranking. If you build backlinks from high quality and authority websites then search engine like Google, Bing makes your site famous, valuable and trusted.


A time when quality was not matter              

Once there was a time in search engine optimization when quality did not matter. Search engine optimization was not any concern with the quality of backlinks or relevancy pointing to your website. There was only a game of big quality of backlinks. Just you have to create as much as you can. And then in 2012 Google create penguin update and it changes the rules of Search Engine Optimization. This update down many websites that have spammy or low quality and irrelevant backlinks. Nowadays Google only gives authority to those websites who have a high authority or quality of work. You can also use our free backlink maker tool and build high da pa backlink in a few seconds