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About Article Rewriter

Article rewriter:

Article rewriter is a technique that helps us in generating a meaningful article. It works in a way by changing its meaning by using unique synonyms i.e. words are different, but meanings are the same. A user enters the text and it converts that article into totally a new form without changing its meaning. Moreover, it works as an article spinner and spins the article in a fast way. The advantage of article rewriter or article spinner is this that it completes your task in a shorter time giving you a handsome amount of money. But the disadvantage of the article rewriter or article spinner is this that most of the people don’t like this act and Google also strike an illegal activity on this act. So, better to avoid using it.


Article rewriter tools:

Whenever you google the article rewriter tools you will find millions of tools that are ready to help you in generating a unique article. But for us what matter is that tool which paraphrases our article in the most unique way and that article is rich in all type of unique synonyms.

Moreover, if we talk about these article rewriter tools most of them don’t work properly. Here we will tell you the top ten article rewriter, paraphrase, rephrase and text spinner tools etc. that will surely help you in fastening your work and reducing the time spent on this work. Following are ten amazing tools that lead the google ranking in generating unique synonym and are also popular for article rewriter platform:


Article rewriter tool:

Article rewriter tool is a platform that ranks first on the google when you search for any rewriting tool. So, this is a free platform providing you number of articles to be changed with unique synonyms and providing you a free of cost quality as well. Either it’s your sentence or paragraph or whole article “Article rewriter tool” will convert your article into a totally new paradigm.

What you need to do is go to the link given copy and paste the article you want to change with unique synonyms and that also rank fast in google and just sit down and see the magic.


Small seo tools:

Small SEO tools are the platform that is providing a number of SEO services in free of cost. People visit this area because they find some quality and free stuff on this website. Moreover, there is also a section of article rewriter or of text spinner that allows a user to make a new article with a unique synonym. As compared to Article rewriter tool Small SEO tool is seen more trusted and quality work was delivered via this platform.

More fast ranking of articles was seen that were rewritten. Not only you can use article rewriter service of this website but also you can check grammar and plagiarism of an article. Just what know you need to visit the website and avail the unique services on your fingertips. On Small SEO Tools you can insert any type of docx, pdf etc. files as well.


Pre post seo:

Prepost SEO is a platform similar to small SEO tools. Ranking third in the google searches. This platform consists of a unique and easy user-friendly interface that helps the user to use is easy with fewer ad displays. Moreover, Prepost SEO gives you the option to add it as your extension in your browser so, that you might not suffer a lot for article writing.

Visit their website and enjoy the unleashing services to rank your article faster by making it the duplicated content using their article rewriter service and enriching it with unique synonyms.


Paraphrasing tool:

Paraphrasing tool is also another kind of article rewriter tool used in the paraphrasing of an article into a clearer form and manner. Paraphrasing tool is a text spinner tool and known for the article rewriter tool. for use of this tool if you find fit for yourself visit their website


seo magnifier:

SEO magnifier is a tool that allows you to change and spin the article in a proper way of helping you to do your job quickly. It is also an article spinner tool that uses unique synonyms and changes the article in the most attractive and user-friendly form. Visit their website to avail the interesting article rewriter and unique synonym services



Articoolo is not a free article spinner tool. It is having various packages that help you in generating a quality article. It gives you a number of packages that fit your budget. Moreover, it helps you to generate a quality article using article rewriter service enriching it with unique synonyms as well. Just visit their website and find a package that fits within your budget.



Quill bot is a free article rephrase tool that changes your word into unique synonyms and changes it into a unique article having the same meaning but a bank of new words. It gives you a service of free article spinner paragraph rewriter tool and you can change your article into unique synonyms. Visit their website and see the magic of rephrasing.


Spinning was difficult before this tool. Spin bot stands unique in the market by providing a unique article and is majorly known as the pioneer in article spinner world. Visit their website and avail the best spinning services.


How to do article writing by Seo Tool Serp?

Article writing was never an easy task. People face many issues majorly when they were not having basic general knowledge of how to be the one. Article rewriter tools make that world easy but still we need to know a lot in this domain. After using article rewriter and unique synonyms tools you need to check the following things as well:


Use of passive voice:

Keep the density of passive voice in mind that is 10% we should retain an article to below that. If kept below this range it helps Google in better searching of the article. Keep the passive voice below 10% in your article.


Use of transition words:

Use of transition word is necessary because it helps in increasing the article talkative nature. Moreover, transition words give a path to the reader that the article is only written for solving their queries.


Restricting sentences to 20 words length:

The maximum amount of sentence length allowed is 25% of sentences above 20 words. So, keeping this thing mind it will help you to generate a good quality article.


Breaking paragraphs:

Keep the paragraph length to 150 words and generate unique subheadings in between it. Dividing articles with sub-heading create a point of attraction and easy to understand as well. People easily understand where you are talking about what thing.


Not starting a paragraph with consecutive one word:

Avoid starting each paragraph with the same word because it might decline the quality of your article. Even in article rewriter or generating unique synonyms most of the tools use this thing which spoils the quality of the article. So, before uploading check this thing keenly.


Keyword use:

Use of keyword is the necessary thing because keywords play a major role in bringing your article to the search engine. So, keep this thing in mind and find unique keywords that also have unique synonym against them.


Pros and cons of the use of article rewriter and unique synonyms:

Each thing in this world never comes without the pros or cons so is in the case of article rewriter and unique synonyms also come up with some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages. Below mentioned are few of them by


Advantages of article rewriter:

Following are some advantages of article rewriter:


• Save time:

If you wrote an article for many times and now thinking that I am running out of vocabulary, then article rewriter is the best tool to solve this problem.


• Construct a useful and meaningful article:

Article rewriter helps you in constructing meaning full and purposeful sentences by using unique synonyms.


• Use unique synonyms:

Use of unique synonyms helps the article to look in a more attractive and giving people an advantage of learning new vocabulary.


Disadvantages of article rewriter:

• Never answer the questions accurately:

As it uses word spinner, so it starts creating an impact of increasing the chances that people feel difficulty in understanding simple things.


Advantages of using unique synonyms:

• Easy to use:

It is said that using unique synonym is the best approach to rewriting the article. The unique synonym also helps in saying a simple thing in different prospect defining same meaning. As it is said that a sentence can be said in 4 different ways so, in these unique synonyms plays a vital role and helps us in generating something unique and something different as well. You can also check your duplicate content with the help of Plagiarism checker free


Disadvantages of using unique synonyms:

• Difficult to understand if hard one is used:

Most people use rich vocabulary in their article which makes it difficult to understand by a layman. So, keeping this thing in mind unique synonym also plays a vital role and create difficulty in understanding simple things if not used in a proper manner.