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About Alexa Rank Checker

When a baby born, Parent plans its future perfectly. Anyhow, in no time they realize both the positive and negative side of their child. Where this is essential to know whether their child is on the right way or not. Similarly, Site needs an eye on itself. We have to keep checking about our site and related site. When we are running a site it is necessary to know about our competitor sites that at which stage actually they are. We also need to get an idea of a popular website. In this way, we can improve our site very much by changing the basic things. The basic thing in the running of a site is “traffic”. That how much persons are visiting on our site.

These all little things related to Website ranking. There are many SEO tools in the market which guides us step by step about ranking and traffic. If you to get an idea about the ranking of your site here is the best tool for you Alexa Rank Checker. Basically, Alexa is a Web analytical company which provides us many different tools used in online marketing. There are many its tool provides the authority to check page ranking, its tool also works as backlink checker and Page Rank Checker .

What is Alexa Rank Checker?

Alexa is a site with provides different beneficial authorities to a user. It provides basic tools related to the SEO of your site. You will find there all the tools you need to improve the PPC strategy. Alexa rank checker will help you to discover new ideas to increase traffic to your site. This also informs you about the number of visitors on your site. This is enough for the surety of Alexa site that, this by the

Who can use Alexa Rank Checker?

This site is specially designed for the owner of websites. Majorly, this site is used by “marketing directors” as Alexa ranking. Online sellers are getting great advantage from it. Simply we can say that Alexa rank checker also providing their best to business filed by providing basic tools to rank their online platform. We can use this as a website traffic checker or website traffic counter. Under the study, we observed that this also the best thing for “publishers”. They can get popularity and fame through this in short time. This makes their way of progress much easier. In other words, we can say that Alexa rank checker is best for every person who is anyhow related to the online market. Alexa is providing free Alexa rank checker facility. Alexa is providing free tool “Alexa rank checker online free”.

How to use Alexa Rank Checker?

Another best part of Alexa Rank Checker is Alexa website ranking. The best thing about Alexa site that it’s all tools are very easy to use. As we mentioned up there Alexa rank checker is one of its best tools which is really easy to use. You don’t need any special skill to use this, as there is no rocket science to use this. Here is its great plus point, that we can use it online.

Step1: Simply visit the site “Alexa”. Make sure that you are on their website.

Step2: Login to their Page.

Step3: Enter the URL of the site how’s ranking you want to check.

Step4: Now just tap on “check” button. There will be complete info of that site related to SEO.

Alexa also makes use of its tool much easier by providing their tools in toolbars and shortcuts i.e. in chrome extension, Firefox toolbar, Explorer gadgets.

Reliability of Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa is a successful project of Amazon website which is providing their great facility for decade years. This is obvious everyone always discuss only the positive side of their product. We get real and true information through its user review. User reviews and comment really matter to know about any product. So we are recommending Alexa rank checker tool after great research. We collected all reviews about Alexa rank checker. We didn’t find even one negative review of this. Mostly, this use as bulk Alexa rank checker. As we discussed its best part is website rank checker. Majorly Alexa site is being used in South Korea. Experts say ranking of a site in South Korea is really difficult. The reason is that there are many limitations related to SEO.

There is much more strictness as compare to other countries. In such conditions of limitations and strictness, Alexa rank checker still worked perfectly there and showed reliable results. This is the reason Alexa rank checker got popularity there in no time. Not only in South Korea but also in other English countries instead of in the whole world. The reason is its prominent, exact and reliable result. Alexa rank checker compares your site with all those sites which are related to your site from the whole world.

Alexa Rank checker for multiple websites

As we mentioned up there that Alexa is providing their facility all around the world. Alexa runs many services one of the most rated services is Alexa Rank Checker. Let me guide you what is meant by Alexa rank. It is a tool which analyzes your website and provides traffic data. It also picks up information from other websites. Alexa rank checker is a metric which ranks a site according to their popularity. It is a global ranking system which compresses traffic data to create a record list of the most popular website, which is related to your site. Alexa rank checker works on those sites which are in trending and increasing their rank day by day. Particularly Alexa keeps a record of such sites. Alexa Rank checker is based on how the targeted site is getting ranked for the last 3 months.

This tool makes easy to check the rank of any site which is the internet. And it provides perfect and exact information about the targeted site.

How Does Alexa rank checker work?

Actually, Alexa rank checker targets fresh visitors or that website which is in being trending for the last three months. It also informs us about the traffic data source and checks website traffic Google. This is the best website traffic checker online.

Self-Analyzing: If you are running a website or you are a blogger. The Alexa rank checker is the best thing for you. Because it provides an exact idea about your popularity of your website according to Google. Alexa rank checker also helps a user to improve strategy to run your website. In such a way, you get an aim to target a particular thing which is necessary to rank your site. Alexa rank checker not only informs only once but keeps you up to date from ranking. By this you can fix error immediately, this action keeps retain the rank of your site.

Competitive-Analyzing: Alexa rank checker is said to be a tool of intelligence. This not only keeps us up-to-date from our site but also informs us about other competitor sites. That how much they are attracting traffic which is related to your site. Alexa rank checker tool also provides the service of comparing your site with other popular websites. In such a way you will be able to understand their plus point and you can improve yours.

Marketing Analyzing: If you want to run an ad on your site, in that means Alexa rank checker tool is beneficial too. As we said before this tool inform us that how much our site is ranked. So this gives you an idea that whether you should run an ad or not if yes then at which cost.

How does it work on multiple sites at the same time?

Alexa provides authority to the user to analyze up to 10 Website at a time. It is the best and fastest way to know about all sites current Status, traffic data and domain information at the same time. This tool has made the ranking of the website much easier. On the other hand, it is impossible to do SEO of a site on a daily basis. So this Site provides you the best Shortcut tools to rank your site in a simple way. You have to must paste URL and all information is in front of you in just one click.

About Alexa Rank checker Seo Tool Serp

Alexa rank checker tool is developed by experts of web engineers who are obviously familiar to working of a site. This tool developed on the basis of web analytics which makes search reliable. Alexa rank checker tool directly works on the background of the search engine and keeps us up-to-date. Alexa Rank checker itself consists of small SEO tools discussed below. Another SEO tool serp Alexa rank checker which play the main role in the process of rank checking.

Global Rank: This is the Alexa ranking checker tool of Alexa which informs us that at which rank or standard our website actually falls. This analyses and compares our site with others and tells the rank of our site in the world.

Reach: This tool of Alexa rank checker keep us up-to-date that how much traffic is visiting our site on a daily basis. And compares the present traffic with last time traffic.

Country: This part of this tool informs us that from which country peoples are visiting most. Means it tells the percentage of each country traffic according to visitors.

Country Rank: In this part of Moz rank checker and domain age checker, it tells that at which rank our website stand in a specific region or country. And tells what is the rank of your site in the targeted country. Simply tells what is Alexa rank of your site.

Change: Here comes it last tool, this tool compares the progress of our site present and past. And informs us whether our website is in progressing or not.


• It contains millions of domain from all over the world but not all. So it may not show few sites which are not such trending but related to your site. Basically, Alexa rank checker works on those sites which are in trending and increasing their rank day by day.

• Alexa rank checker doesn’t show such site which is ranked too much but very less related to your site. You can also check your website position in the google with Keyword position checker